Marry a Man

This past weekend Michael and I were gifted a tremendous 48 hours KiD-FRee! It began gloriously-we had a rare double-date with dear friends.  But things began to go askew from there.  We had to switch hotels because our first one was…well, iffy.  Happily, the new place was lovely.  We had the remote to ourselves and turned off alarms.  Bliss!  The next day was a bit different.  I ran smack-dab into my first horrific case of food poisoning.  While I will spare you the details, let’s just say it will be a memorable trip for years to come. (Also, the Art Deco flooring was beautiful!)

It may seem odd, but after a rather intense battle between bad food and my stomach, I recall thinking, “marry a man who cleans up after you have food poisoning”.  And this post was born.

Here is my absolutely non-exhaustive list of reasons to marry a man.

  1. Marry a man who pursues Christ day in and day out.
  2. Marry a man who actively chooses you every day. enhance
  3. Marry a man who acknowledges his need for prayer and guidance from God. enhance
  4. Marry a man who knows how to laugh when things don’t work like they are supposed to work. enhance
  5. Marry a man who bravely seeks God’s guidance-even if it takes him far from his comfort zone. enhance
  6. Marry a man who rubs your aching feet. (Do you really want to see that?)
  7. Marry a man who courageously teaches you life skills you don’t think you want. uRLw+EfgQZu0xn5LMHdFYA
  8. Marry a man who stands up to you when needed. (I was mad…no pics!)
  9. Marry a man who wears a ridiculous wig because he loves you. enhance
  10. Marry a man who treasures time with you…(especially the non-picture worthy times). enhance
  11. Marry a man who demonstrates how a gentleman treats a lady. enhance
  12. Marry a man who crosses oceans to propose (or is at least willing). enhance
  13. Marry a man who braves your cooking-smoke and all. (nope-zero pics of this!)
  14. Marry a man who sets new goals. enhance
  15. Marry a man who loves his family deeply. enhance
  16. Marry a man who opens his heart to new adventures. DeyhKj5CT+qET7hw3XYqGg
  17. Marry a man who loves your first kids like his kids. enhance
  18. Marry a man who shares Little Debbie treats when the next box is half a world away. PE6qbYRdRgafgO4AQ0Kpvg
  19. Marry a man who cheers for his team whether they win or lose. enhance
  20. Marry a man who still makes you grin like this 14 years later. enhance

I’m so thankful I married a man who does all these things and much much more.  Happy 14th Anniversary, my love!

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