Hand Me Downs & Upgrades

When dad was in seminary, we lived down a one lane road, had to have water trucked in, and had next to nothing.  That house is where I remember falling in love with hand-me-downs.  The UPS truck would come rambling down our road.  Next came a knock on our door.  The UPS guy would be holding a huge box and Christmas had arrived (regardless of the month!). I recall going through piles of clothes from cousins and friends. (I even had some with my exact initials on them! Thanks, Aunt Marge & Alison!) And the lure of the hand-me-downs was born.

As we had girls of our own, we continued to be blessed by family with fantastic hand-me-downs & upgrades.  It was so fun to see the girls wearing a cousin’s dress or boots. We would giggle about how we remembered the other kid in that outfit and bonds grew tighter.

Now hand-me-downs have a bit of a different tang.  Hand-me-downs & upgrades are typically the result of someone moving (although not always! whew!).  Around here, that moving comes with airline tickets and new countries or islands.  We are so thankful for the opportunity to get hand-me-downs and have a way to create tighter bonds as our local families follow His leading to other lands.

Beginnings of Dollhouse Transformation
The girls got a new-to-us dollhouse today and quickly began finding ways to make it theirs!
Dollhouse Reno
The girls stepped away to find more fun and I was able to capture the dollhouse mid renovation!
Playing with Dollhouse
The girls have played and played-it even snowed! (see it on top of the house!?)
Sweet friends
These big gals have impacted each of our gals so much! My gals had a grand time going to their yard sale and finding treasures.
Too Grown RyAnne
She looks so lovely in this gifted dress!
Elliana-Bali pants
These Bali pants make all of us giggle and we love them on our Elliana!
Watermelon (the bike) was a true blessing to us when her owner left. She is now blessing another friend!
Couch Upgrade!
We are so excited to have new-to-us couches! (and for friends that helped us move them!)




One thought on “Hand Me Downs & Upgrades”

  1. I loved the post!!! And the pics are awesome! So fun to see what all is going on with you and family! The girls are beautiful young ladies … changing so much … growing so quickly!
    Love and miss you! Continued prayers…. always enjoy all updates and getting to “see” you all!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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