Don’t Be Afraid

“DON’T BE AFRAID!” cheered the Kindergarten crew.  I had to choke back tears.  The past week I had taught several classes with the littlest kids at BAIS.  Each and every class had boldly repeated the same line from the story of Jesus’s birth.  These young ones had focused in on one of the key messages from Christ’s birth-DON’T BE AFRAID.  The angel had told Mary, then said the same thing to Joseph, AND to the shepherds.  In every instance where fear had an opportunity to sink in its claws, each person was reminded to be strong, push away fear, and trust in God’s promises.  From a young, teenage gal to an older husband-to-be, to smelly shepherds cast far away from the security of a city’s wall-every single one was assured that God was in control.

dont be afraid

I find these words resound like silver bells in my heart this Christmas season.  ‘Don’t Be Afraid’ to leave your families in My care.  ‘Don’t Be Afraid’ to trust in My provision.  ‘Don’t Be Afraid’ to grow roots where I have you planted.  ‘Don’t Be Afraid’ of goodbyes or hellos.  ‘Don’t Be Afraid’ to be who I’ve created you to be.  ‘Don’t Be Afraid’ to obey when the only thing you are sure of is Me.  ‘Don’t Be Afraid’ to let everything go to pursue Me.  ‘Don’t Be Afraid’ to dream and see with My eyes.  ‘Don’t Be Afraid’ to love like I do.  Simply DON’T BE AFRAID.

john 1-14

My hope this Christmas season is that you will hear these words ring out to your heart in the story of Jesus’s birth.  I hope this Christmas these words give you courage to seek Christ like never before.  To ask the big questions and hear the answers.  To love those who have hurt you.  To allow yourself to feel true joy.  To read the story of Jesus’s birth in  the Holy Bible in the beginning of Matthew and Luke with new eyes.  To put the phones and devices down and just be with one another.  To find delight in the One who dances with delight over you. (Zephaniah 3:17)



Happy Christmas from all us Davis People to you and yours.  

May His joy and peace be what fills your season.


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