Greens & Blues

Today was my first jaunt on the motorbike since we returned from Malaysia.  I have to admit, I was overwhelmed by the intense beauty surrounding me.  The sky was that idealistic shade from children’s picture books.  The nearby lake shown a silvery-blue as the sun danced across its surface. The mountains were decorated with patchwork quilts of greens ranging from kelly to evergreen with rich red dirt stripes.  The poofy clouds lept joyfully from hilltop to hilltop.  The other clouds reminded me of those cottonball clouds we used to glue to our sheets of construction paper-stretching them out to cover the whole top!  Even the breeze was waltzing with happiness.  I could feel His presence all around.


How quickly I get caught up in to-do lists and getting from point A to point B.  Today, I chose to fight back.  To pull over a few times and just look at my surroundings.  I giggled at the sheep dining on the hill as the shepherd grinned back at me.  I noticed all the teens taking selfies with the gorgeous backdrops around us.  I saw husbands and wives with their jogging feet in time with one another.  I smelled the sweet grasses and observed His beauty with my two gals gasping in delight with me.

Y’all, don’t miss out on Him-whether it is in the beauty of the world around you or those people you do life with.  At Christmas we unwrap gifts from covered with paper and string, but we are given gifts every single day to unwrap.  Don’t let them gather dust.  Take the moment to see His hand, His glory, His delight, and His love for you.  Look for those greens and blues…

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