On The Recieving End

Virus.  There is not a positive application of this word that I have ever heard.  Last week, it was my turn to have one.  For two days, I fought fever, attempted to stay hydrated, and didn’t leave my room.  In the meantime, my community reminded me how much our family is loved.  Our sabbatical visitor decided she would help watch the gals so Michael wouldn’t be so overwhelmed taking care of everything else.  My classes were covered by incredible teachers so I knew my students weren’t missing out on learning.  An elementary school event was that week-everyone stepped in and made it happen marvelously.  My Bigs helped the Littles make costumes for Storybook Day. Michael Joe even handled picture day!  (well, let’s be honest-jury is still out on that! ha!)


One detail of His love has yet to be mentioned.  I have a crazy quirk that makes me crave tomato soup and orange juice when I’m sick.  Yes, I am well aware it is disgusting.  But I have wanted that as long as I can remember.  This time was different.  I wanted chicken noodle soup…and not the local version.  I wanted it American style.  Campbell’s version has yet to hit the stores here, so I pushed my longing aside.  On the afternoon of day two, I recieved a text asking if I wanted some chicken noodle soup.  She said He had put it on her heart to make that evening for her family and to ask me if I wanted some.

Y’all.  He loves us SO SPECIFICALLY.

Please never doubt His love for you.  Whether you are crying on your couch, celebrating in your car, or sick on foreign soil, He Loves You. “I’m absolutely convinced that nothing—nothing living or dead, angelic or demonic, today or tomorrow, high or low, thinkable or unthinkable—absolutely nothing can get between us and God’s love because of the way that Jesus our Master has embraced us.” Romans 8

The rest of the week and weekend remains a bit of a blur as I tried to convince myself I was better and those around me insisted I wasn’t!  I’m still hugging sprite (which I typically loathe), but I’m so thankful to be oodles better than last week.  Enjoy a few pics of the fun I missed out on!

Storybook Day Characters!



3 thoughts on “On The Recieving End”

  1. I LOVE how God provided the soup you love!! I’m so glad there are so many people pitching in to help you when help is needed. Glad you are better!!

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