A #MomFail Success Story

Stack up all the mean things to call yourself and you’ll have a pretty accurate description  of the words taunting me earlier this week.  Just over a week into school, I had already earned the #MomFail trophy.

-Lissie Joy and Kaybrietta had the same hairdo from the day before (read that as no bath, hair not washed or brushed, crazy half-braided hair kids)

-Kaybrietta’s shorts were on backwards…again

-RyAnne was tardy

-Lissie Joy had apparently had an accident before she got to school…which I didn’t notice.

-Lissie Joy had no extra clothes for the day (I won’t go into details-her teacher is an amazing woman)

-Lissie Joy’s daily report packet had been living on my desk for two days…unsigned

-We forgot to pack lunch for Michael and I

…honestly, the list could go on…but I’ll stop there.  I was in full surrender around lunch.

But in surrender, I found grace.

An amazing friend and teacher gave me her lunch.  Lissie Joy’s teacher took care of my three-year-old when I was unable.  A fantabulous momma showed up with lunch for ALL the TEACHERS so Michael had food, too!  My teacher-mate checked on me and helped me salvage the day so my students were none the wiser.  I was given hugs and encouragement-and I received them.  I was reminded no one is perfect and no one expected me to be!

That had to sink in a bit.  Maybe you need a moment to catch that, too.

No one is perfect and no one who loves you expects you to be.

I could have wallowed in the depths of despair and bemoaned the rest of the day.  But there was JOY to be had.  Visitors from another land had arrived!  Time with friends.  A darling teeny little boy.  Laughter.  Stories from the day tripping over each other around a dinner table filled with lukewarm spaghetti and even colder bread.  And more grace.

So much more grace.

I realized later that horrific day had become beautiful.  Grace had covered each bump and bruise with a chance for His glory to shine.  I was able to see His hands hold me and His feet carry me.  Those around me acted like Christ and loved me all the more.  A couple days later, I’m thankful for these tangible reminders His grace IS sufficient and that a Mom-Fail Day is no failure at all when I fall into His grace.


3 thoughts on “A #MomFail Success Story”

  1. If it makes you feel better I am having a momfail/ wifefail/ daughterfail week.

    Love you guys an I always think of you as super woman


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