A Day in Avonlea

When life gets a bit topsy-turvy, it is natural to want to be somewhere familiar and safe.  Living oceans away from familiar, I had to be a bit more creative to find a haven.  I told Michael Joe a couple of weeks ago that I needed to go to Avonlea on on my birthday.  And that is exactly what happened.  A smattering of kindred spirits joined me throughout the day to enjoy the adventures of Anne Shirley in a place as familiar as my home.  I cannot recall watching the entire series in a day in many years.  However, each nook and cranny, shaded tree lane, and antic was a friend.  I love seeing Anne mess up and learn-she reminds me of myself in so many ways.  Perhaps that is why my most favorite-est of quotes comes from this series.

“Tomorrow is always fresh with no mistakes.” Lucy Maud Montgomery

I’ve had this up in classrooms and my own home.  Such a darling way to remind me His mercies are new every morning.

It was such a gift to gasp when Anne breaks her slate over that boy’s head, to mourn when Matthew is lost, and to laugh along with Marilla. I get my girlhood crush all over again watching Gilbert love Anne through it all.  Yes, Avonlea is definitely another home to me.

“I don’t need sunbursts or marble halls.  I just need you.” Anne to her Gilbert-finally.

Thank you to each of you across this spinning globe who made my special day rich with laughter, memories, well-wishes, and love. How blessed I am to be loved so well.


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