Those Day Ones

The funny thing about ‘Day Ones’ is they are rarely the actual first day.  They are built upon the shoulders of other days-both good and bad.  They serve as markers and beacons-a restart of sorts.  Today was a Day One for the entire Davis crew.  First day of Kindergarten, Pre-K 3, and Middle School.  First day to be the biggest sister on the first floor of the school (4th grader!).  First day to welcome back kids he had missed over the summer for Michael.  For me, it was Day One of a new adventure that has already had oodles of dips, mountain views, bumps, and curves.  I’ve been so encouraged and inspired during training at the school we all attend.  I have witnessed hearts passionate to show His love and grace with excellence and integrity.  I’ve been reminded clearly that God is the source of all ‘Day Ones’.  He created each of us to be here in this place to obediently bring Him all glory and praise.  From the literal Day One, God knew we would be celebrating this very day.  God continually astounds me.  May He amaze you today, too!

First Day 2019



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