I met Michael Joe the very first official day at Union University.  I was immediately taken with his dark hair, brown eyes, and quick smile.  During university days, I would crush on him and he would remind me we were just friends.  Sigh.  Then I would have him meet guys I was interested in dating to give me his take on their worthiness.

For some reason, no one I dated liked Michael Joe.

In retrospect, I can clearly see it was because he was THAT GUY.  He was the one I compared each prospective date up against.  Michael Joe was the one who saw me through breakups, adventures, family life, and plain silliness.  He was the one who opened up Davisville as a second home a jillion years before I became a Davis.  He met me on Monday nights for two years at a Bible study an hour away from his home.  Michael Joe was the one who encouraged me to follow His leading when the opportunity to move to China came on the horizon.  He’s the one who was on the other end of the phone line after the tsunami in 2004.  He listed to me shout and weep as I declared the unfairness of so many losses and asked why from the depths of my soul.  He was the one I always had to be sure to see when I came Stateside.  He was the one I had tough conversations with and the one I wanted to share joys with first.   He was THAT GUY.

After crossing the Pacific and proposing in Shanghai, Michael Joe would soon become MY GUY.   During the past thirteen years of marriage, I have seen him love unconditionally in situations which would try the saint-est of saints.  He loves when every fiber of his being wants to prove he was right.  He digs into the Word of God and seeks to apply it wherever he is-work, home, or out and about.  Yesterday, I was blessed to hear him preach.  He shared about this past year and our Indo-versary.  I’ve seen my Michael Joe happier these past few years than ever before.  He has grown more like Christ and sought to obey Him-even when it has been WAY OUT of his comfort zone.  I can’t believe I get to do life with this incredible man.

I know the years are passing much quicker than I ever imagined, but I couldn’t be more thankful for THAT GUY in the Wrangler jeans and Razorback shirt.  He’s the one my heart adores and I simply cannot imagine life without him by my side.

Happy 13th (plus 11 years) Anniversary to my Michael Joe.  Yippy Skippy!

3 thoughts on “THAT Guy”

  1. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY ANNIVERSARY. HE got a pretty good deal, too! 🙂
    Awesome couple….awesome family….doing awesome things as they serve their awesome God!
    Have a FANTASTIC, WONDERFUL, AWESOME anniversary!!!!
    Love and prayers…
    Love you BIG….
    Pastor Terri B

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