In Case You Forget

He is Saviour, Lord, lover, defender, ever-present, redeemer, King, maker-of-all, owner of the cattle on a thousand hills, seeker of all and the one, all-knowing, maker of all things good and beautiful, life-giver, joy-bringer, warrior, peace, debt-remover, risen-one,  worthy, miracle-maker, creator of happy, tear-catcher, listener, speaker, comforter, shelter, wise-one, faithful, bless-er, welcome-er, friend, brother, life-maker, creative director of universes, detail crafter, bliss-giver, heart-healer, quest-maker and quest-answer, the all-in-all, the everything, Red Sea parter, mountain-mover, fig tree supplier, manna-giver, dream supplier, consistent presence, heart-holder, blood-sweat pray-er, mask remover, good, both remember-er and forget-er, beautiful,  flawless, light, joy, marvel supplier, creator, mansion builder, truth-teller, truth-maker, the Truth, lie breaker, wisdom provider, forgiver, punishment taker, hope-raiser, death conqueror, and the One who loves-you-no-matter-what-all-the-time.



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