h.i.s. ministries & h.i.s. kids

Hugs.  Tears. A chapter closed with encouragement ringing in our hearts.  I wish I had the words to explain how He used this place to repair our hearts.  Michael and I walked into the position of children’s pastors role unexpectedly. We both knew we wouldn’t be working in our strengths.  But through obedience to the call, we began to find delight in our walks again. We saw the Word through new eyes as the kids heard stories for the first time.  Wonder filled our world as old stories became new. As for our beaten and battered hearts, healing came as we were loved on by the people at h.i.s. Ministries. Somehow they manage to both love Jesus and act like Him.  It was fascinating. It was also exactly what we wanted our kids to witness. We have grown in faith as our hearts healed. We know that He used this community to prepare us to go, even as we wanted to stay. Please join us as we lift up the kids’ ministry as they seek the new children’s pastors.  We are going to miss this family immensely. We love each and every one of you. Muchly.IMG_7053.jpg

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