No Such Thing as Little & Big

We have heard ‘I couldn’t do what you are doing’ or ‘It is amazing how God is using y’all to do such a big thing’ so many times.   The thing is we are being obedient. There are no big or small things-it is obedience, pure and simple. Where He has you in this moment, BE THERE.  Be obedient. Don’t fall into the trap of waiting on God to use you to do something big. We cannot measure the outcome of His calling on our lives. In fact, we often cannot see when one calling merges into another.  What we can see clearly is obedience. We can choose to obey day in and day out. To be honest when we mess up. To choose to be joyful when joy hides. To love like Christ to those who are unloveable. To love our families with the best of us, instead of leftovers from the rest of the day.  Your obedience brings glory to Him and He can use you in every single circumstance. If you are a Christian, you are called to be His witness WHERE YOU ARE-in the classroom, boardroom, restroom, aisle of grocery store, kitchen counter, changing a diaper, getting repairs done, ordering a meal, at the doctor’s office, messing around online, or sitting in traffic.  We are all on mission to shine the light of Jesus-the choice is to live like it.  I won’t lie and say it is easy.  I won’t lie and say we are perfect (y’all know the truth anyway!).  What I can say is that you will not regret choosing to put God first.  Promise.  

body of christ

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