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BIG NEWS!!!  We have a house and address!  The member care team is amazing and we are thrilled to have pics of our soon-to-be home!  It has really helped all of us with the thoughts of transition.  We have also started packing!  We will eventually have at least 24 bags!  Yikes!  For those who know me well, yes, there is a google sheet file set up to keep it all organized!

Quick update on where we stand from support-raising perspective. We are at 22% of goal needed before we leave July 24.  The yard sale, personal support, and the t-shirt money all pitched in to get us this far.  Thank you to all!  For the supplemental support needed while we are in Indonesia, we are at 10% of goal.  Knowing we leave in just a smidge over two months makes this gal a bit worried.  But as soon as those worries start whispering, He reminds me through His Word and others that He is a great big God.  I refuse to doubt what He has so clearly led us into!  Pray that we cling closer to Him than fear.

Keep lifting us up as the days speed by.  Much love, the Davis Crew


2 thoughts on “News & Updates”

  1. I wrote this last fall. I had a friend actually bring it back to my attention this week….it certainly fits your situation….

    “I believe God places dreams and ideas in our hearts for a reason. Sometimes we have to get out of our comfortable rut and do something crazy like resigning a good job to let those dreams come true.” ~9/3/17

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