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Three months from today we will step on planes with one-way tickets.  Did you know that you can come with us?  You can impact nation after nation by becoming partners with us!  In fact, we desperately need you and your prayers.  We cannot complete our call without your partnership.  Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves.  A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.” Ecclesiastes 4:12  Spiritual warfare is real.  We are walking into battles and need an army of warriors around us.  The first way of attack is for Satan to make us feel alone and isolated.  We need prayerful and active support surrounding us.

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In order to move to the field, we have two areas requiring funding:

  • Before we leave on July 24:
      1. We are at the beginning of our fundraising journey
      2. All money donated will be concentrated on ending our time stateside with excellence and preparations for moving overseas with a family of six
      3. This money can be mailed to us (email for address) or given through PayPal or Facebook Messenger.
  • Supplemental Support for two year term:                                                                          Michael will earn a salary designed to cover basics for our family of six, but outreach will flow from the supplemental giving we are provided through our partners.
    • Support of any amount can be given through Project #004165 Michael Davis (tax-deductible)
    • When you sign up through NICS, please let us know the specifics as we are only informed by the month.  This will help us know where we are on target to being fully funded. 

Above all, please lift us up as you seek to make Christ known where He has called you.  May we all live our lives in such a way that we put hands and feet on grace every day.


HIS Timing


2/15 First heard the word ‘Indonesia’

2/16 Phone call with NICS about Indonesia

2/22 Read Email from Director at BAIS about meeting at Global Outreach Day

2/24 Global Outreach Day-Missions & Education Job Fair at NICS (Interview with BAIS)

2/27 Alithia’s time with Him in her office

2/28 House officially sold

3/ 4 Emailed BAIS saying we wanted to do formal interview

3/7  Michael at Prayer Club at BHS

3/11 Formal interview with BAIS

3/13 BAIS formally offered position to Michael & we accepted

3/14 Told the girls & made public announcement

Super Duper Cute Shirts

Did you know you can wear your support for us?! It’s true! These fantastic shirts will make your eyes sparkle, teeth whiter, and muscles more defined! Okay, they aren’t magic, but it sure would encourage us for you to get one and share the link! 😂 Check them out!!

Thanks ooooodles and ooooodles!

The Formal Interview (Part 6)

Following much prayer, we emailed BAIS to say we were ready to pursue the second, more formal interview.  

And we told our parents.  

Tears.  Hope. Pride. Anger. Sadness-all these God-created emotions showed their face.

However, not one person was shocked.  They know our heartbeat. They also knew He was first.  Our hearts were aching but steadfast.

Driving to the (Skype) interview on Sunday night, I looked over at Michael Joe and fell in love all the more with him.  He was…





(and more nervous than I’ve ever been-yet still very confident and excited on what God was doing)-Michael

Seriously, he had never been cuter.  I couldn’t stop grinning at this man God had called to be my husband.  (Yes, it is mushy but it is part of the story!) He knew what God was telling him and where to take us as a family.  (I’m blushing just thinking about it!)

We were ready for the interview.  Prayed over and ready. But, no call.  Oops, we knew that Indonesia was 13 hours ahead of us.  What we didn’t take into account was the US had sprung forward that day and they were now only 12 hours ahead.  So, Alithia organized my classroom library and we prayed some more.-Michael

During the interview, Michael Joe amazed me over and over.  BAIS told us they would meet Tuesday and that we would know something on our Wednesday.  

So we prayed more.  We asked for a hard stop if this wasn’t where He wanted us.  We knew it was BAIS or home another year.

Either was fine…if from Him.

Tuesday evening huddled in Lissie Joy’s tiny nursery during a Skype call, we were officially offered the position at BAIS.  Intents to return to our current school jobs were due the next day.

God’s timing was impeccable.  

In less than a month, our house sold, we heard about Indonesia/BAIS for the first time and accepted His call to go.  God was clearly moving…and so were we.

That Wednesday Morning (Part 5)

Michael-So, God allowed us to spend more time praying over where He wanted us.  I spent this week trying to talk myself out of this, but becoming more open to going.  I don’t think I ever really wanted to go during this week. More praying, more struggling, but more open.

We agreed to pursue the 2nd interview.  Alithia told me that pursuing this interview pretty much stated that we were going to accept it if they offered.  I didn’t necessarily feel that way at that point. I knew there was still ‘time’ to get out of this :).

Wednesday morning: 3 weeks after hearing about Indonesia for the first time; 11 days after meeting with BAIS; 1 week after closing on our house; 3 days after agreeing to the formal interview…I went to the Prayer Club at school.  

God had laid a verse on Maddie Hixson’s heart: 1 Thessalonians 5:24.  “Faithful is He who calls you, and He also will bring it to pass.” My fears were that God was calling us to Indonesia, but I didn’t know how that would happen.  I got my answer: “HE” will bring it to pass.-Michael


LeT THe aDVeNTuRe BeGiN!

We really wanted to capture the excitement and awe that He has chosen us to go in the design (hence the ‘let the adventure begin’).  But more importantly, we wanted to encourage others that WHeReVeR & WHaTeVeR He is leading them to do, to DO IT.  He backs up His commands as we obey.  Do not doubt His character or His Word.  Once you KNOW what He is telling you, obey.  Period.  No excuses.  Jump in head first and whole hog! 🙂  Join us in wearing these shirts and lift us up every time you see them, wear them, wash them, fold them.  Thanks ooooodles!!! PS:  This t-shirt link disappears in ONE WEEK!

Davis Journey T-Shirt Fundraiser


Today I was gifted the opportunity to balm my overwhelmed soul at the Be.Loved conference.  I was led into His presence by Christy Nockels.   I was prayed over in Spanish by  a lady at the altar and the Holy Spirit met us there.  I was encouraged by messages from Lysa TerKeurst…from Living Between the Two Gardens (Genesis and the restored Garden in Revelation) & There is Always a Meanwhile (the story of Joseph from Genesis).  My notes are overflowing, as is my heart.

But the most beautiful moment was when I was surrounded by spiritual warriors in the prayer and encouragement room.  Their armor protected me as we met at His throne.  Every concern and fear was laid at the throne of grace.  Every lady there prayed specifically for our family-some things I had mentioned, others were God-revealed.  I walked out refreshed and immensely thankful.  I cannot wait to see what comes of this day as the Word, prayers, and His truth grow into my soul.  30708132_10155059606402126_965764641076543488_n

Lunchtime Visitor (Part 4)

We had been given a week.  Just a week to decide if we were going to pursue the Indonesia idea.

One week.

We knew this was a decision which couldn’t be based solely on emotion (me) or logic (Michael Joe).  We desired to be square in His will alone.

We decided to be specific in our prayers that week and seek His face alone.  We knew we needed to clear out all of ‘us’ and let Him show us what He wanted.

Then came Tuesday.  Lunchtime.

(Disclaimer:  It is basically impossible to describe God shaking your world in mere words.  Here is a my wee attempt.)

I decided to hide in my room during my lunch breaks that week and spend extra time with Him.  Lights off. The song ‘Defender’ by Rita Springer was on repeat. My little office-classroom became a sanctuary and God filled every nook and cranny.  I poured out my heart and He answered every plea, excuse, and cry of my heart with a simple sentence reminding me He had covered all my mistakes on the cross.  The fears I had now were nothing compared to that. And He said ‘Release’.

“Lord, I’m undone.  I’m just so unable to see (the) how but this song says ‘All I did was praise.  All I did was worship. All I did was bow down. All I did was stay still.’ There’s no ME doing anything.  Release.”  (excerpt from journal)

I exited this time knowing two things.  One, He was giving us permission to go. Two, that I was not to force or persuade Michael Joe.  God was handling every detail-big & small. All I had to do was release.

Awana Share

We were beyond honored to get to share with the kids at Gosnell Baptist Awana Groups about our move to Indonesia. They asked oodles of questions and loved learning a smidge of Indonesian! So many young and curious faces were staring in awe tonight as we shared about our upcoming move. But I have to say my favorite ones were our two bigs. Both of them jumped in to tell their friends about their new home and school. I was amazed at their willingness to stand up in front of their friends and talk. They are  growing up before my eyes as this new calling settles into their hearts. Please keep our family in your prayers as we seek to trust and obey in all areas! We need it!

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