The Formal Interview (Part 6)

Following much prayer, we emailed BAIS to say we were ready to pursue the second, more formal interview.  

And we told our parents.  

Tears.  Hope. Pride. Anger. Sadness-all these God-created emotions showed their face.

However, not one person was shocked.  They know our heartbeat. They also knew He was first.  Our hearts were aching but steadfast.

Driving to the (Skype) interview on Sunday night, I looked over at Michael Joe and fell in love all the more with him.  He was…





(and more nervous than I’ve ever been-yet still very confident and excited on what God was doing)-Michael

Seriously, he had never been cuter.  I couldn’t stop grinning at this man God had called to be my husband.  (Yes, it is mushy but it is part of the story!) He knew what God was telling him and where to take us as a family.  (I’m blushing just thinking about it!)

We were ready for the interview.  Prayed over and ready. But, no call.  Oops, we knew that Indonesia was 13 hours ahead of us.  What we didn’t take into account was the US had sprung forward that day and they were now only 12 hours ahead.  So, Alithia organized my classroom library and we prayed some more.-Michael

During the interview, Michael Joe amazed me over and over.  BAIS told us they would meet Tuesday and that we would know something on our Wednesday.  

So we prayed more.  We asked for a hard stop if this wasn’t where He wanted us.  We knew it was BAIS or home another year.

Either was fine…if from Him.

Tuesday evening huddled in Lissie Joy’s tiny nursery during a Skype call, we were officially offered the position at BAIS.  Intents to return to our current school jobs were due the next day.

God’s timing was impeccable.  

In less than a month, our house sold, we heard about Indonesia/BAIS for the first time and accepted His call to go.  God was clearly moving…and so were we.

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