Passports & Prayer

Did you know that God can even use the government to encourage?  We put in our requests for passports the first day of spring break, March 19.  We simply didn’t have the money to put a rush on it. We prayed that they would come in a timely manner, but we were well aware that with the prices of passport going up April 1, we were dealing with a mad rush of people wanting to save money.  Lo and behold, the girls’ brand-new passports showed up March 31! We were giddy. On Monday, April 2 at 5:45PM, I received an official communication from the passport office stating we had chosen the 4-6 week option for renewal. It contained a reminder that if we were traveling within two weeks to contact them.  Though I knew the option we had chosen, I could feel my heart sink. I had gotten hopeful when the girls’ passports came in crazy fast. I prayed that He would protect our visa process if the passports were late. I knew He could get the passports to us when we needed them.

Then came 12:02AM Tuesday, April 3!  Another official passport email arrives saying:

We have finished processing your passport, and it has been printed.”

I about jumped out of my bed with delight!  God had moved…in less than twelve hours! How faithful is He in the big and small things!   How many blessings do I miss when I cover them with worry rather than worship?  I cannot wait to hold those six blue beauties in my hands!  Praise be to Him alone!

The 5 W’s

Who: Our family, Michael, Alithia, RyAnne (10), Elliana (8), Kaybrietta (4), & Lissie Joy (2)

What: We are moving to Indonesia. Michael will be teaching at Bandung Alliance Intercultural School. I will be staying at home caring for the two littles, while the two eldest go to school with Michael.

When: July 2018

Where: Indonesia

Why: Michael Joe and I both have a love for the expat community. Expat is a word which describes someone not living in their home country. I have seen the impact expats can have all over the world. Michael Joe will be working with students and teachers from all over the globe. Initially, I will be focusing on helping our family transition. We have been called there and will live intentionally to bring glory to His name.

Aside from literal assignments/positions, we do not know what our future or roles will be in Indonesia. What we do know is that we are supposed to go. We know we have been created specifically with gifts and abilities. We know that the time is now. How He will use us to bring Him glory remains a mystery. But we are excited and thrilled to be walking with Him side-by-side into this next adventure.