The Whirlwind Begins (Part 2)

January 30, 2018:  The long-awaited text message arrived.  We had approved buyers for the house! I literally fell to my knees in my classroom crying.  I recall telling someone it felt like I could breathe for the first time in two years.

So we rejoiced.  A debt snowball was made-we wanted to be focused in our zeal to pay off debt.  And we rejoiced some more. So many prayers were finally being answered!

Little did we know the applications from earlier that winter were still in play.  I was checking the website periodically to see if any new online jobs were posted.  A pop-up announced Global Outreach Day, but we were already scheduled to be out of town that weekend.  Out of nowhere, that trip was cancelled. Following prayer, we decided to register to go and get more information.  We could also meet the online school people face-to-face. Teaching overseas was something we saw as a possibility a year or so down the road.

Following registration for the event, we received an email asking us if we had any questions.  We asked a few and thus began a dialogue with NICS. A flurry of emails asking about our heart, passions, and plans, led to a sentence that jumped off the screen.  

“Our school in Indonesia is probably a good fit for your family.”


Where is that exactly?

It was February 15.  It was the first time we heard about Indonesia.  We responded by asking why she thought that was the case.  A 45-minute phone call later, we knew we needed to pray about going-sometime in the future.  

The next Thursday, Michael Joe received an email from the director at BAIS stating he hoped to meet us at the Global Outreach Day and schedule an interview.

Things were getting real.

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