Global Outreach Day (Part 3)

IMG_1938There’s always a bit of uncertainty involved when everything has been done online.  On February 24, we would go hear the testimonies in person from 17 school directors and the amazingness happening on each campus.  I was overwhelmed and my heart was doing that beating fast thing again. We questioned if the timing was now rather than later.

We met several directors and principals.  We had lunch with a director from one of the Korea schools.  Then the interviews began.

We booked a double block of time with BAIS and they filled our heads and hearts with information about this country we knew so little about.

I could hear the fears in my ears:

Not now.

It’s irresponsible.

Do it later.

My heart was just the opposite:

For such a time as this.  

Go now.  

It’s no accident you are sitting in this room.

Michael Joe and I left as the rain began to fall.  Storms were moving in…physical, mental, and spiritual.  We had asked how soon they needed to know our decision. The reply?  Last week, but we can give you a week to pray and decide if you want to do the next, more formal interview.

One week.  Seven days.  Ish.

A tornado hit our county that night.  Truth was a storm was raging in our hearts, too.  

What about our kids? Our families?

How do we pay our debts?

What about our responsibilities-jobs, church, family

What about our house? Still hasn’t sold yet.

Michael:  This day in itself was a whirlwind for me.  The morning was filled with awe. Awe of what God was doing through these schools, through these people, through education.  I went into this day looking forward to it. But, not really expecting anything from it. I told Alithia I was open to go if I knew He was telling us to.  But, I was not expecting much from the day.

The morning session ended with conversations and interview sign-ups with the school directors.  We had already had a great conversation with the school we planned to speak with that day. So, we began looking at the others.  BAIS and a school in Korea had already contacted us, so we definitely wanted to see what they had to say. And we set up a time with a school in China as that country still holds a place in our hearts.  

The interviews were very informative, but I was not expecting to be leaning towards going anywhere (other than out to eat with my wife afterwards).  I know God will use us no matter where we would have chosen (including staying home). And to be honest, home was still where I was wanting to be. This was not an easy day.  It was a great day, but not easy. I had to step way out of my comfort zone and talk about myself. And I had to speed up my processing time. Needless to say, I was a little stressed.  And then those questions Alithia wrote above became more and more real.

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