Introducing Miss Delta Huang

“WE HAVE A VAN!”  “Is that OURS?”  “We don’t have to drive in the rain anymore?!” ” Can we take it to school tomorrow?”  Our girls couldn’t believe their eyes.  Honestly, neither could I.  Today, Michael pulled up to our house with a beautiful gift.  Her name is  Miss Delta Huang.  She’s a 2014 Toyota Kijang Innova.  Our entire family can ride in her plus a friend or two!  (Car seats will be added in the morning-my momma heart is elated!).  We cannot wait to use her to bless this community.  We are truly honored to have a way to stay dry and safe in our home away from home.

One of the best things about Miss Delta Huang is her story.  From the moment she was just a dream, to the closing sale handshake, we have been surrounded by His Body.  She was purchased with partnership and prayer.  For every uphill climb, someone has walked along with us.   When things seemed impossible, there were prayers, encouragement, and faith to borrow.  We have literally witnessed community from all corners of this globe join in this journey.  Every time we are sitting in macet (traffic jam) in the shelter of our own space, able to grocery shop in one trip instead of several on a motorbike,  provide refuge from the rain, and see more of this island we love, Delta Huang will tangibly remind us of the power of the Body working together.  We couldn’t be more amazed, thrilled, and thankful.  To God be all the glory.



9 thoughts on “Introducing Miss Delta Huang”

  1. These videos are killing me! I love y’all so much. GOSH I miss you. But I am so so so so so <—— multiply that exponentially – happy for you.

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  2. These videos are killing me!! I love this so much. I miss you. Good grief. But I am so so so so so so <——– multiply that exponentially – happy for you. God is so good.


  3. BLESS THE LORD!!! I want to dance, jump, shout and cry… Guess I’ll just do all of it😊😊😊😊😊😊
    I am so happy for y’all I cannot stand it!!! HALLELUJAH!!!!!!! Enjoy enjoy enjoy!!!!!!!!!!


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