Several weeks ago, I was returning home for the second time that morning.  The girls had forgotten required items and it was definitely a full-fledged Monday morning.  As I zoomed my motorbike down the road, I let the frustrations fly, too.  “Why can’t we just remember everything?”  “Why aren’t the girls more responsible?” “I can’t believe I’m losing my one free morning this week!”.  As the frustrations mounted, I heard Him remind me that I had asked for time to be Mom.

I pulled into my driveway with a very different attitude.  It was true.  All the years of raising the girls, I had longed to have time to be Mom.  Yet, here I was, complaining about  having to retrieve forgotten soccer cleats and a missing presentation item.  I had the gift of time to take care of my kids.  I actually found myself smiling as I headed back to the school.

My next run home (yep, there were actually three runs back home that morning!) was completely different.  I felt light and joyful.  I was amazed that He had given me such a great place to work which still permitted me to be Mom when needed.  I joined in laughing with the satpam (guards) as I passed each station. They knew I had already been back and forth.

Of the two emotions, joy was definitely more delightful than frustration.  I continued to think about that morning in the craziness since.  How often have I been less than thankful for answered prayers?  Way too many moments came to mind.  Here are a few ways I’ve been seeking to reframe my thinking:

  1.  Focusing on homesickness, instead of being thankful we get to serve Him in such an incredible place.
  2. Frustrated we weren’t keeping things tidy, when the evidence of games and toys out are testimonies to the life we live.
  3. Wishing I could do more, instead of doing just what He has asked.  It is immensely freeing to just operate in obedience.

While reframing is a skill I’m still developing, I am trying to do it consistently.  And guess what?  Joy has followed.

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