A question burning in everyone’s minds…what are y’all eating?  Is it safe?  Does it taste good?  What IS THAT?!  We have tried quite a bit-the girls are doing better every day about being adventurous food-wise!  We’ve had a lot, A LOT of chicken.  We’ve tried goat.  There is cheese on things which seemingly shouldn’t have it, while cheese is conspicuously absent in dishes which require its yumminess!  Salad demands more washing than ten kids after playing in the mud all day!  We’ve learned the meaning of the word ‘spicy’-even Michael Joe!  Ahhh, but the fresh tropical fruit!!!  I’m going to post a sample of food we’ve had thus far!  I will label things to the best of my ability.  For the best intro to food here, just hop on a plane and come visit us!  The door is always, always open.



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