Davis Journey Academy

The Littles and I have started working on their daily routines.  They are loving learning and all our activities.  A recent epiphany reminded Michael and I that academics will come, but we must absolutely focus on heart-training intensely.  Both Littles are still dealing with transition to their new home.  This has given us many opportunities for growth!  Our days are not always predictable and things happen.  That’s life.  We are doing devotional with the Littles every single day-no matter what!  Heart Training 101.  From there, we are working on age-appropriate responsibilities (including taking responsibility for actions!). We are tackling academics, too.  I’m using my Apple Group Connections training with Kaybrietta-goal is she will learn to read this year.  She’s so ready-One Leap Ahead Learning Center has taught her well!  She already knows sounds and runs around trying to read anything and everything she sees (which can be hilarious now that Bahasa Indonesian is in the mix!) Lissie Joy is working on counting, grouping, colors, and such.  She insists on participating in school work!  We are also seeking to learn some Bahasa-every time the girls see a cat, I hear ‘kucing’!!!  (pronounced koo-ching) They learned that word quickly.  I’m so proud of them and their eagerness.  Now for momma to keep up with their excitement!


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