Things I’ve Learned

Things I’ve Learned:

  1. I’ve learned my husband is amazing-er than I ever knew.  He is a quiet rock of strength and I cannot imagine life without him by my side.
  2. I’ve learned my girls are resilient, fascinating, homesick, and brave.
  3. I’ve learned bathtubs are so rare that no one carries a plug for them!  We had to order one from Tokopedia…in the meantime, my coffee-cup-cover thingy worked perfectly well keeping water in the tub!
  4. I’ve also learned that if we let water out of the tub too quickly, the bathroom floods from another drain in the floor.  It is like two baths at once!
  5. I’ve learned that cartons for eggs add to the cost.  In further review, it is possible to make an hour drive home with a bag of loose eggs and have them arrive safely.  
  6. I’ve learned we are in an incredible community that rallies around you when needs arise.  When the girls were sick, people brought remedies and food. When it was realized Lissie Joy didn’t quite have the hang of stairs, gates for both top and bottom of the stairs were located and installed quickly.
  7. I’ve learned that just because something is labeled ice cream or milkshake, doesn’t mean either ice cream or milk is actually included.
  8. I’ve learned that Indonesian is a fun language.  It will take me time, but I look forward to tackling all those letters and syllables!
  9. I’ve learned I need commas in long numbers.  I’ve handed over 10,000 Rupiah instead of 1,000 and 50,000 instead of 5,000. (the cashier was always kind enough to give it back)  I am thankful they look different and such, because otherwise I may never catch on as to which is which!
  10. I’ve learned tomato sauce on pizza is optional, but pizza usually comes with tomato ketchup on the side.
  11. I’ve learned there are people all around us willing to help and love on us.
  12. I’ve learned a good burger is to be appreciated (especially with bacon).
  13. I’ve learned that air conditioning is a first world device and I miss it way more than I thought I would.
  14. I’ve learned my kids are incredibly resilient.  They are jumping in and making the best of where they find themselves.  There are still varieties of feelings and that roller coaster of emotions is still in operation.  But each of them are finding things to celebrate along the way.
  15. I’ve learned that Indonesians have terrific ingenuity!  If there is a way, they will find it.
  16. I’ve learned that familiar praise songs are even more beautiful in an unfamiliar place.
  17. I’ve learned to study pictures on food items carefully.  Nothing like being surprised by ‘something’ in your coffee early in the morning!  (It was gelatinous chocolate (grass jelly)-that is the best way I can describe it!)
  18. I’ve learned that Western style toilets are indeed thrones and should be treated as such.
  19. I’ve learned the people in Kota Baru are kind and welcoming to these Southern bule (boo-lay=foreigner) people.
  20. I’ve learned RyAnne has a hankering to play guitar.
  21. I’ve learned spicy means different things to different people.  Wowza!
  22. I’ve learned that we really don’t need that much to be together, but we do need things that bring Davisville here.
  23. I’ve learned the Body is active here.  It is something people here seek out to join and add to in order to bring Him delight.  There are so many parts-joints, muscles, brains, and heart adding up to a glorious Body.
  24. I’ve learned once again how blessed we are.
  25. I’ve learned it is okay to stop and play Legos with the girls-I’m the only one worried about our schedule.  Time with them matters.
  26. I’ve learned that Michael Joe has strengths and talents he never knew about. It is so fun to see him growing here.  His students are in for a treat!
  27. I’ve learned that I brought too many Barbie movies with us. Ha!
  28. I’ve learned the time difference allows us all to celebrate a little bit longer.
  29. I’ve learned grace is easier to gift others than yourself (actually, I already knew that…I’ve just been reminded here)
  30. I’ve learned I depend way too much on Huggies cucumber and green tea baby wipes!
  31. I’ve learned that I can still use charades to explain what I’m trying to say when I lack the Indonesian to explain.  Whew!
  32. I’ve learned that when I grow up, I want an overabundance of electrical outlets in my home.  Hahahaha. We have one per room except for the master. We have two in there. #ExtensionCordsAreOurFriends #NoWeDon’tPiggyBackThem #BeingSafe
  33. I’ve learned menu planning is much more interesting when you don’t know what ingredients are around.
  34. I’ve learned hangers here are too small for our clothing.
  35. I’ve learned the art of hanging things out to dry again.  It is a childhood/Shanghai flashback.
  36. I’ve learned getting things organized means more to me than I knew.
  37. I’ve learned that His promises are new every morning, but His grace and mercy are always more than I need.  How thankful I am for that abundance.
  38. I’ve learned the little bell near our door ringing means someone is at the door. (seems self-explanatory, but isn’t!)
  39. I’ve learned there is an end to how many PB&J sandwiches one can endure in a month.
  40. I’ve learned getting things done takes time, but it is done with kindness and respect.

One thought on “Things I’ve Learned”

  1. I loved reading these things you’ve learned!! Some funny and others very serious. Y’all are going to do great!! Keep the updates coming!!
    Love y’all!!


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