Indonesian Independence Day

What fun we had when the Indonesian National workers at BAIS hosted all the expat staff and families of BAIS!  Tons of laughter and games that literally brought people together.  Laughter has a way of doing just that! (laughter PLUS food…well, we are basically family now!). Traditional games included Three-Person-Six-Legged Race (not official name, mind you!), potato sack races, bite-the-coin-out-of-chocolate-syrup-covered-watermelon, lift/lower-foot-with-string-attached-to-treat-to-eat game, and climb-the-soapy-bamboo-pole-for-prizes game.  Seriously,  it was all so much fun.  Add in the amazing sate (satay), fruit, and desserts and the recipe for a perfect day was complete.  We are so thankful to be included and taught about this nation.  We are learning to love it and the people more every day!  Hope you enjoy the pics!  🙂


4 thoughts on “Indonesian Independence Day”

  1. Sooooo glad you are having so much fun!! Sounds like a great way to get to know people!! Thanks for updates and pics!! Love y’all!


  2. Oh my goodness!!! So much to take in. Thanks for sharing your heart and passion for Him. I do have a question: does that paper really say it is rude to blow your nose? How do you accomplish this while in public?


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