Learning Bahasa Indonesian

Today is Indonesia’s Independence Day! We are trying to learn the language around us.  At first glance, it is a long succession of letters with no rhyme or reason. However, it is completely phonetic.  The vowels say the same sound 99% of the time.  How marvelous is that!?  It has been fun to start hearing words I recognize in conversations.  We were blessed with a crash-course in Indonesian the first week we were here.  I plan on learning more AND working with the Littles on it. The Bigs will be taking Indonesian as part of school course work.  Michael is going to focus on teaching this year and tackle Indonesian next year (that’s the thought for now, anyway!).  Here are some notes and pics from class!  See what you can pick out!  There is also a song in Indonesian I posted a couple of months ago-the words are on it to follow along!

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