A few weeks ago during a Bible study meeting, the following question was posed:  What hinders us from trusting that God is going to give us exactly what we need? Much conversation followed but the gist was mainly about us stepping in and trying to handle things instead of allowing God to be in control.  I could hear a question growing in my own heart: Does fear or trust motivate me more? What calls me to action quicker? Fear or Trust. Which is my motivator?


I will trust You, God.

My fear will not motivate me

More than my trust.

You are faithful.

Every.  Single. Time.

You never break Your Word.

What You start, You finish.

You are constant.

My emotions are not.

I will choose to trust.

I will choose the faithfulness of my Saviour.

I will let trust be my motivator.

-Alithia Davis


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