Keys and computers turned in.  Check.  One last round of hugs.  Check.  Last pic by the Blytheville High School sign.  Check.  How we treasure our time spent in the halls and campuses of Blytheville Schools!  Michael and I have learned to be both fluid and flexible in the day-to-day of teaching.  We’ve seen success as well as failure. I pray we have learned from both. We have witnessed tireless dedication from teachers and students determined to change the world one decision at a time.  This passion to open doors with education is a heartbeat that will continue in both our lives. Thank you for pouring into Michael & I all these years Blytheville Chickasaws.  

Our girls have also become Chickasaws.  RyAnne and Elliana have cheered at ballgames and loved homecoming parades.  They’ve competed at World Finals in Odyssey of the Mind and placed FIFTH!  They have created projects, explored the world, read a jillion books, and conquered math skills.  RyAnne and Elliana have also built friendships in these decorated halls. They’ve cried at the thought of leaving them behind.  I wish we could meld our two homes into one place. In a way, we can, because they will bring those friendships with them. We are thankful for their teachers who worked tirelessly to make confusing concepts clear.  They ensured that joy fill every corner of their classrooms. Their teachers have walked that pivotal line of educating while encouraging curiosity. Each teacher and friend have impacted my girls in the best of ways.  

A common hashtag around here is #GoChicks.  We are acting on the goals and dreams we have for all Chickasaws…To GO.  GO change the world. GO follow your passions. Build up your skills here in our classrooms, fields, hallways, and stages…then GO.  GO use the marvelous uniqueness of you and be a Chickasaw who makes us all proud. We aim to use what each of you have honed in us. When we step on that plane, our Chickasaw pride will be boarding, too.  #ForeverChickasaws #GoChicks

2 thoughts on “#GoChicks”

  1. 😭😭😭😭 got me crying over here!! You GO Chickasaws!!

    Allison Turner “Declare His glory among the nations” 1 Chronicles 16:24


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