It could have ended quite differently.  On the way home from school, the back tire of the motorbike came off the rim!  Michael and RyAnne were going down a hill but he managed to get the motorcycle safely off to the side.  We are extremely thankful for His protection!

But, y’all, it didn’t end there!  Immediately a mom and son from school turned around to help (she had seen it happen!).  A minute later more friends came by.  Before I could get there (just six minutes away!), our family was already being cared for!  Yet another family came by and a the husband of our second group of friends!  You guys…this community:

  1. Flagged down and  secured a truck with help that would take our motorbike to the mechanic.
  2. The truck, friend, and mom/son ALL went to mechanic to get tire fixed and back on rim.
  3. We were sent to school while they handled it!
  4. Two friends offered to take RyAnne home.
  5. The friend and mom/son accompanied our motorbike back to our house.
  6. The mom/son covered the bill.

It has been the most difficult of years, but our Indo-Family has stepped up and loved us well. They’ve kept the kids, helped with assignments, eaten dinner around our table, shared movies on the green, and carried our burdens. This story is one of hundreds we could share about the community around us.  How blessed are we that we have such beautiful family on both sides of the world.  So long 2020-2021 school year!  Thank you for ending in such a powerful reminder of the love His Body shows!

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