WhoSoEver Dinners

This year we have started a new tradition at the Davis home.  We are hosting WhoSoEver Dinners!  The process is simple:  Set a date and time.  Decide on meal offering. Make cute invite. Send out invite.  Then we wait for the eight spots to fill up!  The funnest part is not knowing who is going to respond!  We love having people over at least weekly (if not more!)  This new approach opens the door to any of the teachers and their families in the school to come!  This idea did not originate with me.  A fabulous lady with an incredible capacity to love used to do these for BAIS families.  We thought it would be absolutely fantastic to continue the tradition!  This last time, another family joined in the fun by offering dessert at their home.  So we all dined upon an Italian feast of spaghetti and meatballs, lasagna, and salad as Sinatra crooned in the background.  Not long after, the happy crew sauntered to the next street over for homemade Apple Crisp.  You could almost imagine leaves changing color with the deliciousness of the dessert!  How blessed we are with our community!


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