One Whole Year

Lissie Joy doesn’t remember hot dogs or recognize M&Ms.  The Littles think pancakes are supposed to come with ice cream on top.  It is now normal to analyze red sauce to determine whether it is ketchup or spicy chili sauce.  We say ‘Pagi, Pak’ automatically instead of ‘Good Morning’. And bacon is a treat like no other (I don’t know if that is actually different from the USA, though!)

Just one year ago, we landed on the giant island of Java.  I still recall the five-hour-plus drive from the airport looking at traffic, homes smoonched together, mountains and more mountains, terraced rice fields, and kites in the sky.  The girls were exhausted and curious about this new place. Michael and I were exhausted, too. So many questions, excitement, and, honestly, fear. What had we done? Moving to the other side of the globe with four kids?  No family? What if something happened?

Something DID happen.

We obeyed His leading and found a home unlike any other.  We trusted Him to provide for all our needs-and He continues to do so.  We have had broken hearts and spirits, but He has healed them. We have created a new kind of family in this community of strangers.  We have found joy in the teeniest instances. We have lived in gratitude for things we previously took for granted. We have depended on Him because there was no other way to live.  


Sustain.  He will sustain you.  Isaiah 46:4

I recall someone asking me how we were doing about three months into this new life.  My response was that Michael and I both knew without a shadow of a doubt we were supposed to be in this place to be His hands and feet.  That knowledge has seen us through ups and downs we could have never foreseen. The only way to prepare is to seek Him consistently and trust His way more than ours.  He has sustained us in this journey and I know He will continue to do so, because we are His.

4 thoughts on “One Whole Year”

  1. One year!!!! In some ways it has seemed a short time here but in other ways it seems it has been eternity since you’ve been gone … I am so very grateful to God for the Internet and being able to see pictures and stay connected . You are and will always be our family and we love you and miss you terribly but we are so very very proud of you all . I knew that God had chosen the right ones when he chose your family to go and be his hands and feet in another country …. your love for God and your talents and abilities coupled with God‘s anointing and his plan makes for a super ministry ! We send love love love to each of you … we talk about you and reminisce and pray for God‘s continued provision and strength and blessings as you move forward into the next year of ministry …. Gods greatest and most profound blessings upon you, in you, and through you…. I believe even greater days are ahead!!!! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛

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  2. I am so thankful that I was able to come to Indonesia and be with you guys for one year anniversary. Knowing that y’all are in God’s will doing His calling helps and is what sustains me when I miss you guys so very much. Love love 💗.

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  3. I miss you at BES, but I have read your posts, enjoyed your pictures, and tried to get a feel for what you are going through. It looks like the girls are thriving, and your ministry is making a huge impact on the other side the world…as well as this side too! I admire your commitment to Him. It inspires me and I am sure countless others. May God continue to bless you, as I am sure He will. Love from Half Moon to Indonesia and back!

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