If you know me at all, having only ONE KEY is not wise for me!  In Shanghai, I made ten copies of my apartment keys and passed them out to those who were gifted at keeping up with things.  I am not.  During our university days, Michael Joe would follow me around picking up my keys and wallet that I would inevitably lay down on a shelf.  He liked to see how long it would take me to figure out I had lost them.  (I refuse to put into print how many times this happened or the average amount of time it typically took for me to realize they were gone!). All this to say, when we were handed ONE KEY to the house, we knew copies had to be made straightaway!

The only shop in our area was near Borma (a store I call ‘plastic heaven’-seriously, so much plastic there!).  Our Grab driver took us to Borma and dropped us off saying ‘go that way’.

We went that way.  For several blocks.


The Littles were with me.  While they ecstatically exploring, I was doing my best to be sure we didn’t get ran over, fall into a drainage ditch, or get hugged on and patted too much for the Littles to handle! (They are SO cute, after all!). Following several short conversations where I botched Bahasa Indonesia more than I care to admit, we finally found the key duplicating cart or pembuat duplicat kunci!  I have to admit-I wanted a sticker to wear to show my accomplishment.  Lissie Joy was so happy to finally find it!  We waved to passersby as we waited.  Once keys were in hand, we sauntered off on our next adventure…because it truly is around every corner when you keep your eyes open!


One thought on “Kunci”

  1. You make everything such an adventure!! I hope you made it back home with the keys! Lol!
    Love and hugs!!


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