Going Places

This time last year I would have never imagined driving a motorbike as my main source of transportation!  Our carport is sans car!  Instead, there are tiny pink bicycles and a teal tween bike.  Michael’s second-hand bike has recently appeared and he has enjoyed going to and fro on it!  Our blessed motor bike can carry Michael and all the girls-proof he’s gone Indo on us!  I’m proud of myself for driving with two girls! Ha!  This summer we will be adding another motorbike to the collection from a dear friend following a call to a new home.  Michael is looking forward to having ‘his’ motorbike back.  I’m happy I will be able to actually touch the ground with both feet on the new-to-us bike!  Thank you all for providing us with ways to get around town-to the store, to church, and school.  It makes such a difference and is much faster than walking!!! We’ve included a couple of videos-one of the girls in our neighborhood and one from a motorbike ride in our town!



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