Because You Said Yes-Reflections on IF:GATHERING 2019

This weekend thirty-some odd women came together to learn about Christ in a living room stuffed to overflowing.  Each seeking something different, but they came.  I saw their smiles, heard their laughter and scribble of pens on paper.  I felt His presence draw near as the tears fell and His name was lifted high.  Together we attended #IF:GATHERING2019.  I wanted to share my late night reflections with you. I know He is not finished with me yet-I am clay in His hands…but, golly, I like Him oodles.  And I trust Him.

Because You Said ‘Yes’

Because you said ‘yes’, there was a gathering to attend, learning to be had, and growth to feel.  Because you said ‘yes’, there were real topics discussed and His Word became clearer. Because you said ‘yes’, the Spirit broke out and we praised Him a billion times.  Because you said ‘yes’, our hearts were shaped and turned as if on a wheel of pottery. We could feel His tender hands scraping away the unnecessary. The prideful. The fear and hesitation.  The comparisons and the shame.

Because you said ‘yes’, we found community-Sisters in the faith.  Because you said ‘yes’, we were emboldened as we saw You revealed in Your Word and one another. Because you said ‘yes’, we know we are wave-walking daughters- encouraged to pursue Him-regardless.  Because you said ‘yes’, we realized we do like Him. And we remembered He loves us, even at the back door in the after.

Because you said ‘yes’, we are ready to walk beside those around us and delve deeper.  To practice community here in practice for Heaven. Because you said ‘yes’ we will take the time to see one another and refuse to let anyone isolate themselves in the moat of loneliness.  Because you said ‘yes’, we will stay in the game and get back up! We will be honest when our edge has become dull and about our gift of half-heart. Because you said ‘yes’, we will seek to serve and not status.  Because you said ‘yes’, we will practice consistency and frequency in our unhurried time with our Saviour. Because you said ‘yes’, real, honest, and beautiful glory-givers are rising up across this Earth in praise to the King of all Kings.  

All because Christ said ‘yes’ first.

He said ‘yes’ and loved us in our broken, wrecked, and beaten selves.  He said ‘yes’ to His Dad and came to live life on this dusty planet. He said ‘yes’ I will show how much we love them to everyone I meet-a woman shunned through no fault of her own to a woman who has created her own prison.  Christ said ‘yes’ to our punishment even as we refused Him again. He still said ‘yes’ as He died-loving us all the more.

Because You said ‘yes’, I will obey You.  I will give all of this in-process pottery on a wheel up to your design.  To find the daughter that You see, Lord, not the one I see. I will say ‘yes’, with courageous fear.  To God be the glory. Yes. YES. Amen.


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