The Next Island Over

Imagine a quick plane ride could take you to an island over and you would suddenly be in a place filled with familiarity.  Western food, stores, and English(ish)! For Christmas break, we decided to hop over to that island to rest our souls. The best part was Papa D & Nana would be with us.  We were thrilled about the opportunity to be refreshed in this place so many have dreamed of going to visit.

Bali was absolutely beautiful.  It was rejuvinating to be able to just ‘be’.  We stayed at a house (gotta love AirBnB) and had time to laugh, play games, swim, and watch movies.  We slept late, laughed, and ate!

We didn’t just stay at the villa.  We also went to a beautiful beach, played in the snow (truly!), and went to a temple overlooking the ocean.  We were amazed by the beauty around us. And the food. We had cheese-filled crust on our pizza and the cheese actually melted!  We had pit barbecue, and real Mexican with cheese dip! We also ate seafood by the ocean. Our tummies were happy…so so happy!

We are so thankful for this time to recharge and that the Grands were with us to experience Indonesia in a new way.  The gals are ready to go back and explore some more…or perhaps to just rest.


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