His Bride Elliana Chivonne

Elliana made a declaration today. She announced her choice to follow Christ-to be obedient to Him regardless of the cost. She told the world she is the Bride of Christ. My parents started a tradition of giving the girls a ring when they made this decision.  Today we gave Elliana a diamond band to remind her of this forever choice.

While we know this decision won’t lead to the easiest life by the world’s standards, we are elated to see her choose to follow Christ. She has been created for God’s glory! Her heart is huge and her love for others is deep. We pray she will seek His wisdom to grow into the woman He created her to be. Today, I gave this verse to her:

We are thankful to each and every person who helped Elliana see Him and learn about God. The harvest is beautiful. Keep praying for this new sister-in-Christ!  May she seek to know His heart and have her heart beat in time with His alone. We cannot wait to see how He will bring out all of the beauty that is Elliana Chivonne!

We are so thankful Nana and Papa D were here for this celebration!

Giving Elliana her new ring


My beautiful daughter and sister in Christ 

8 thoughts on “His Bride Elliana Chivonne”

  1. Beautiful pictures! Wish we could have been there I’m so excited and so proud of Elliana I’m excited to see her grow And change the world. We love you Elliana!!!!

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