A Washer, a Christmas Tree, & a Choice

Our washer ceased functioning on Halloween day.  Purchased second-hand, we weren’t guaranteed longevity with it.  After unsuccessfully searching for a repairman, the reality hit hard.  We needed a new washer-wet clothes mold quickly and creatures like to live in piles.  Neither of those things were okay with us! A new washer was quickly delivered and crisis was averted.


But I wasn’t happy.  

The new washer had taken the funds for our Christmas tree and a sewing machine for me.  My response was to pout. I wish I was kidding. A few days later we had scheduled to go Christmas tree shopping.  We went and window shopped. Sadly, my attitude got worse. That Sunday I cancelled plans to go purchase my sewing machine.  I was knee-deep in pout.

I had shared my frustrations and sadness with a few select people.  I have no doubt their prayers buoyed my spirit. And I made a choice to change my attitude.  I chose to be thankful we had a washing machine at all. I also chose to let Christmas be about more than me. (basic, I know!)  The next week I decided to use the washing machine box to create a tree for our home.  It isn’t perfect. It falls when bumped and has cardboard showing through everywhere.

However, we made it together.  We glued, cut, tore, paper clipped, aluminum foiled, decorated, ornamented, and added a string of lights.  It may be my favorite tree ever.

I want to encourage you this Christmas season.  I absolutely needed time to be sad, but I did not need to stay there.  I’m sure you have changes surrounding you this holiday season. Find ways to deal with unmet expectations!  It may mean your ornaments are strung on the wall with paper clips and ribbon. It may mean you write a Christmas letter to someone you miss more than your heart can say.  Perhaps it will show up in fewer presents and more time cuddling. Perhaps His birth will be center stage when you give up the trimmings and see Him clearly. Choose to make this Christmas His.  It may be your favorite-est Christmas ever.

My Christmas gals
The Fam-Christmas 2018


14 thoughts on “A Washer, a Christmas Tree, & a Choice”

  1. This story depicts the true meaning of Christmas! I have no doubt that God is and does and will continue to bless you! Beautiful tree! My favorite of all I’ve seen! Blessings this Christmas full of joy, love, hope!

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  2. I love y’all so much!!! That is the best tree ever!!!! I know Christmas will be different this year but may His glories and blessings pour out on you all in abundance.

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