Michael’s Heart

Michael wrote this on the last leg of our journey.  He did share it on Facebook already, but I really wanted everyone to be able to read this.  Please know we treasure your prayers.  Here you go-Michael’s Heart:

As I sit here on the plane somewhere between Tokyo and Jakarta, I am overwhelmed. I’m overwhelmed at the task God has given us. I’m overwhelmed at the amount of friendship and support we have been shown over our time in Blytheville. I’m overwhelmed at how much help another BAIS teacher who we have never met until today has been. I’m overwhelmed by how God works through prayer. I prayed along with many others that the girls would sleep on this leg of the flight. We are just about 2 hours into the flight and all my girls are asleep. I’m overwhelmed by the new classes I’ll be teaching, but also overwhelmed by God’s provision for completing the call He has placed on our lives.

Y’all, God is good. He is my comfort, my strength, my protector, the focus of my worship, the lover of my soul, the only person who completely understands me and loves me anyway.

As a 7 year old, I didn’t know a whole lot, but I knew my life needed Christ. I wasn’t sure how it all worked, but I knew that my life was his. I committed my life to him then and will not turn back now.

I know some of you who are following our blog or Facebook posts haven’t understood your need for Christ. Heaven is all about perfection, and any sin (taboo, politically incorrect, sharing that rude Facebook post, not loving on the orphans and widows) makes your going to Heaven impossible.

But….there is a way. Jesus came as God’s ‘son’ and lived a perfect life for us as an example of how to love God above all else and then love people as we love ourselves.

He lived life and then was shamed, beaten, crucified, and buried. But it didn’t end there. He overcame death and defeated it. And came back to life just as He said.

His perfect life gives us a hope that wasn’t there before. He, Jesus, is who we can put our hope in. We just have to allow Him to be the air beneath us and the breath within us. We commit to loving Him above all else, including ourselves.

That decision is just the beginning of life. Life in a way that you have never known before. Life that has meaning not just for generations to come, but also meaning beyond this world.

Talk to me about this Jesus that has me following him to the ends of the Earth. Has me uprooting my girls and moving away from the most loving and amazing family I’ve ever been around. This Jesus!  He is THAT big a deal. And He wants you to love Him.

Facebook has this cool Messenger feature you can use if you have questions or just go talk to the people in your life that you respect and know for sure this Jesus person is real to them also. They would love to share with you.

I love you guys. Don’t wait to make the most important choice you will ever make in life.

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