The Time Quandary

One week.  7 days. 168 hours. 10,080 minutes.  That is what is left before we say farewell to home.  It seems such a paltry amount of time. We need more!  More time for coffee, jokes, hugs, and giggles.  More moments of praying together, crying, praising, and sharing.  We really need more.

The older I get, the more precious time has become.  I find it fascinating that the most precious commodity is something we all have equally.  No one has more or less-we simply use it differently.  I will be held accountable for my use of time just like I will be for my use of gifts and money.  We are trying to use our time wisely before we go.  It isn’t easy for sure.  We are thankful for family and friends helping us through-even though their hearts are breaking, too.

This week will be filled with goodbyes-for-now.  Hugs, well-wishes, and, undoubtedly, tears.  We are living intentionally this week-checking off and marking every moment to be sure we see and do as much as we can before the plane leaves.  I wonder what would happen if I always lived this intentionally?  What if I made sure to seek His will about every day-not just when it is down to the wire or difficult for me?  Fact is, it is always down to the wire for all of us.  We are not promised tomorrow.  Can I ask you to hit your knees with us?  Ask Him what He wants your day to look like-and then obey.  Golly gee willakers-what a difference it would make for all of us.


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