He Leads

I can say many wonderful things about the Dads in my life, but let me simply say about each one- ‘He Leads’.

Michael Joe is the dad I always dreamed of for my girls.  He is consistent with both his discipline and his love. He shows them all how they matter and celebrates their giftings in ways that make each know they are special.  I’ve seen him hold a sobbing child and ease their heart. I have witnessed him praying over them while they wiggled and squirmed. I’ve also seen him consistently go into their rooms at night and pray one more time.  I’ve watched him take care of boo-boos, wrestle in the floor, laugh til tears fell, and beam with pride. In each instance, Michael Joe leads them to act and react like Jesus. What more could I dream of than a man who leads his kiddos to be like Christ?

My Dad is the man that set the bar for all dads.  I cannot remember a time when he wasn’t acting in faith and obedience to God’s calling.  Some of my earliest memories are kneeling at the altar with him while he petitioned the Lord to intervene on someone’s behalf.  I have witnessed healings the doctors couldn’t explain. I’ve seen him give so sacrificially and praise when the Lord provided. I’ve seen him spend countless hours making sure a forgotten family was remembered and cared for with love.  I’ve seen him let a grandchild honk his nose for the millionth time. I’ve heard him pray a jillion more. I’ve heard countless messages from so many pulpits, but Dad never makes the message about him. He always points to the Saviour and his worn out Bible tells the same tale.  It was my Dad that made me look for a man to lead me and my kids toward Christ in all he did. Daddy always leads me and I am all the more blessed for it.

Papa D is the other dad in our corner of the world.  He is the one that taught my Michael Joe what it meant to be a dad in every sense of the word.  Papa D loves life and fills the room with laughter wherever he is. He loves my children with a joy that overflows their souls.  His consistency is much of what defines who he is. All of us know we can turn to him and he will be there-whether it is any type of repair question, life advice and wisdom, or taking care of the grandkids.  Papa D also has the ability to remain calm in almost every situation. I know this comes from his foundation being firmly planted on the rock of Jesus Christ. He doesn’t waiver when the waves are high.  Instead, he is the voice of grace and love every single time. Papa D leads like Christ, because that is who he follows.

Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.”  Galatians 6:9  Each of these incredible Dads in my life will not know the full impact of their faithfulness until they see their Saviour face-to-face.  I hope they are encouraged here and now knowing they’ve changed our lives by leading us to look to Him. Their harvest is bountiful.

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