1. How long are you staying?  At least two years.
  2. Are you taking the kids with you?  Yes!
  3. Won’t you miss your family?  Absolutely. Can’t discuss it.  #tears
  4. Why are you doing this?  We know this is where He wants us for this next season of our life.
  5. Where is Indonesia?  South of China. North of Australia. A 3,000 mile long string of 17,000 islands. We will be on Island of Java with the capital, Jakarta.
  6. Are you really selling everything?  Surely you are storing furniture and stuff for when you come back.  No, we are only keeping sentimental items. The rest is Yard Sale!
  7. Are you shipping stuff over?  Nope. We are moving over with just luggage.  The rest is in the yard sale!
  8. What are y’all doing with your van?  Selling it! Need it? 2016 Town & Country
  9. Aren’t you scared?  Yup, but more scared not to obey His leading.
  10. Are you excited?  Yes! Most of the time!
  11. What do you need?  Prayers, money to get ready to go, monthly support while there, more prayers…
  12. What’s the name of the school again?  Bandung Alliance Intercultural School (BAIS) www.baisedu.org
  13. What will Michael be teaching?  6th grade maths, 6th grade science, Bible, Geometry, and extended session
  14. Are you teaching, too?  I will stay home with the littles the first year or two for sure.
  15. Are you going to use your dyslexia therapy training?  I hope to!
  16. Do you speak the language?  Not yet! The older girls will have a class at school to learn the language. We told them they have to help us get around while we catch up to them.
  17. When do you leave?  July 24
  18. When do you get there?  July 26
  19. How long is the plane ride?  #TooLong Three planes, three countries, 29 hours of travel
  20. What are you going to do with the kids on the plane? Bribe them!  Books, games, sleep, walk, movies, play, repeat…
  21. Will you come home soon?  Not sure. For Christmas? Not this year.  Summer? Not sure.
  22. Will you need a car?  Yes, we can’t fit all of us and two car seats on a moped!  Neat fact: We get to drive British-style!
  23. Do they have toilets?  Yes, we will have both toilets and squatty potty in house.
  24. Where will you live?  We have a house that school is setting up for us.
  25. Is house furnished?  No, we will be starting from scratch!  We have began purchasing items from teachers leaving though.  We hope to do that as much as possible!
  26. Does anyone speak English?  Yes, the school is English-speaking.
  27. What will you eat?  Lots of new things, I’m sure!  It will be an adventure. Michael is excited about the spicy options.
  28. Will you have tv?  We can, but it isn’t a priority.  Ability to watch DVDs and listen to music is more important!
  29. Are you sad?  Yes, we love it here.  Our people are all close.  It is definitely sad to leave them.  
  30. Are you worried?  Trying not to be overly worried.  We know this is our call so we bring worries to Him and try to let go.
  31. What if you get sick?  There is a hospital in our town, and if it is something major, we will go to Singapore.
  32. Do you know anyone?  Not personally, but we have been chatting with people from there often and are excited to meet them soon!
  33. Does Amazon Prime ship there?  We are getting mixed reports as to the correct answer this question!
  34. Do you have to get shots to go?  Yes, a few. Better safe than sorry!
  35. Why didn’t y’all go back to China?  We weren’t led in that direction for this season of our lives.
  36. Can we come visit?  Yup! Please do!

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