Finishing Well

In a month, Michael and I will walk away from two vital parts of our lives.  First, we will clear out our classrooms and exit for the last time as employees. We will say goodbye to not only our peers and students, but to a district that has grown us in so many ways.  We’ve gained wisdom from teachers all around us as we honed our trade. We’ve embraced strengths and shored up weaknesses. We have learned to inspire and teach those who don’t want to learn. We have earned experience in being both fluid and flexible when things don’t go as planned.  Michael has been teaching in this county his entire career and where he grew as a professional. I’ve been here twelve short years, but this is home. We are incredibly thankful to this community that has loved on us our entire married life. We pray we leave them with encouragement in their sails.

We will also say our goodbyes to h.i.s. ministries, our beloved church family who has reminded us how beautiful the body of Christ is.  They love Christ and want to show His love wherever they go. We have found joy again in the serving and teaching, even though we were stretched mightily!  These kids have blessed us and helped us find the wonder in the Bible again. I will never forget them begging me to finish the story of Moses leading the Israelites out of Egypt!  They couldn’t stand to wait until the next Sunday! Please join us in praying for the new ministers to step up and pour into these amazing kiddos.

We want to finish well as a testimony of His call on our lives.  He has specifically placed us here all of these days to fulfill a purpose.  May we stay focused and use His wisdom to prioritize each moment as we close these chapters.  Pray for us as we seek to finish in such a way that He alone is brought glory.

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